Decoding "I Can't Afford It" 

Five Steps to Turn
Objections into Opportunities

​​Use this guide to convert prospects who say “I can’t afford it”
into high-paying clients, without lowering your prices!

"I have more confidence to go out into the world and sell who I am and what I have to offer..."

— Marci Holstege
Nurse Practitioner
"I was struggling to make sales. There's been a big shift for me as I've had more women paying in full up front, excited to get started, and they're jumping in 110%."

— Marcela McBride
Founder, The Priestess Path
"As a lawyer, they used to call me "the barracuda," and I was proud of that because I thought my feminine traits were a liability. Now I lead with connection and compassion in every sales call. I feel more authentic and powerful in sales than ever before."

— Cindy Watson
Lawyer, CEO, Women on Purpose
Dan Lok
Joseph Marfoglio
Rachel Pedersen
Katie Huber
Eileen Wilder
Edward Tang
Annie Grace
Dana Derricks

About Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh, the "Sales Whisperer," is an Amazon Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Sales and Business Growth coach for female coaches and consultants. 

Her proven Close Like A Queen™ Feminine Sales System empowers women to confidently close more sales, make more money, and build the life of their dreams.

In 2009, she pioneered the sacred sisterhood of Pink Tent International (now over 14,000 strong), the first women's online community of its kind, well before #MeToo was even on the radar. Her body of work in healing sacred feminine sexuality includes being featured on Jamie Fox’s Foxxhole Radio, PopSugar Magazine, Fox 31 tv, Chanel 2 and interviewing Hay House author, Dr. Christiane Northrup.

After scaling her business to multiple 6 figures and participating in high-level women-only masterminds, it broke her heart to see so many talented female entrepreneurs struggling to ask for the money they deserve and confidently close sales.

The Worth It Tribe™, empowers female coaches and consultants to own their worth from the inside out while mastering high ticket sales.

As CEO, Dr. Kelly Schuh is igniting a Women’s Worth Worldwide movement, committed to women entrepreneurs claiming their true worth. Her Queen Of Worth Sales System teaches women to grow their businesses while playing to their feminine strengths of FAITH over fear, COLLABORATION over competition and ABUNDANCE over scarcity.
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